Brendon McCullum arrives in London for 2019 cricket world cup

Brendon McCullum has arrived in London for the 2019 cricket world cup, storming into a team meeting to announce his return just as Kane Williamson was presenting the final fielding plans for Saturday’s game v Sri Lanka.

Fresh from his flight that arrived earlier in the morning, Brendon caused havoc amongst the cricket world cup squad after self-anointing himself fit to make the squad even though he wasn’t selected.

“I’m back bitches” Brendon announced loudly to the cheers of the younger squad members. However, Kane was not so upbeat about the surprise, apparently crying as Brendon followed Kane into his hotel room and stole the captain armbands from Kane.

“Mine now” Brendon yelled as he wrestled Kane for the armbands. “See you in training, punk”. Brendon then knocked on every door in the corridor until he got to the elevators for no apparent reason.

“He thinks he’s in the team, Jesus Christ this is about to get ugly” One player quipped. “I guess he’s always been aggressive” Another one said.

New Zealand coach Garry Stead was reported to be quietly stoked and is working with ICC officials to make it work, abandoning his own training and telling them to just “Play Shane Warne cricket 99” to get a feel for the conditions.

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