Israel Folau – Hell awaits those that say ‘Boomfa’

In his latest tirade, Israel Folau has targeted New Zealand rugby’s favourite frosted tipped halfback, Justin Marshall.

“Hell awaits those that say the word Boomfa, for it is a sin to increase the ego of Justin Marshall” Israel posted on Instagram over the weekend after running out of ideas of which minority he can persecute next.

Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom, told Thai Castle that this latest post doesn’t breach their community standards as anyone who runs around on national television yelling Boomfa, “Should probably get what’s coming to them”.

Justin Marshall is reportedly ‘devastated’ and ‘won’t speak to the media at this distressing time in my life’. It has been rumoured that Justin had just signed a distribution agreement with Planet 8 to sell ‘Boomfa’ jerseys with 2000 jerseys sitting in his spare bedroom. This latest Folau tirade may see demand fall.

It’s been an interesting month for Israel, who has been banned from playing rugby for Australia and the Waratahs whilst also being asked to run for the newly formed ‘Coalition party’ which is being backed by Brian and Hannah Tamaki. It is not known if Israel will decide to run or not.

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