TAB selling advent calendar with $5 multi’s behind every window

The New Zealand TAB have taken their Christmas offering to a whole new level by offering gambling themed advent calendars in the lead up to Christmas day 2018.

Behind every window is a $5 randomly selected multi, with some advent calendars offering millions in potential prize-money.

Parents have been rushing to TAB’s across the country to ensure their children aren’t the ones that miss out this December, with reports that the line at the Glen Innes TAB has been starting at 5:00am every morning for the last two weeks.

A TAB spokesman told Thai Castle “This is a great way for families to share the thrill that is gambling, we are delighted to be able to offer another way in which we can help families achieve their financial dreams, and who knows perhaps it might trigger a few kids to one day take up the mantle as a punter one day”

Kip Patterson, 8, told Thai Castle “I’m a bit devastated if I’m being honest, I’ve got Japan to win the Rugby World Cup in 2018 multi’s with the Warriors to win the NRL Grand Final. Sure I would get $2,006,831 and retire before I finish primary school but I’m a bit gutted with the chances with my first window, even if I cheated and opened it early.”

Advent calendars retail for $150 and are available for a limited time.


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