Report – Subcontinent kids now cool throughout Auckland high schools

On the back of an influx of wickets from New Zealand spinner Azaz Patel and help from Ish Shodi the tide has finally turned on the kids from the sub-continent who are now heading in the right direction to become kings of the playground.

The kids of Partners and Directors from the top tier law and accounting firms that fill the private schools are starting to target other minorities instead. A welcome relief to kids like Avinash Ali, currently studying at Auckland Grammar school.

“It’s so nice to see that the turban and curry jokes have taken a back seat for the meantime, It’s defiantly to do with the rise of Azaz and Ish in the New Zealand cricket team. The other day a boy called Mohammad started in year 9, full turban and neckbeard, but nothing. Not jibes, no racism. It was incredible”

John Law, year 12 from Westlake Boys told Thai Castle “Yeah it’s hard to rip on them at the moment, heaven forbid a boy with Chinese heritage makes the All Blacks one day, then what will I do with my time between underage clubbing, tagging and selling synthetic cannabis?”

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