New Zealand Prime Minister burns All Black shirt

Moments after the All Blacks were defeated by Ireland, New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, set her jersey alight in her living room while Clarke Gayford was quietly breastfeeding baby Neve.

“I’m furious, How the fuck did John Key get all the fucking good results and now I’m lumped with an away loss to Ireland. Heaven forbid we don’t win the 2019 world cup in Japan just as the next election is rolling around”

Jacinda then went into her eco-friendly kitchen and grabbed her eco-friendly matches and proceeded to light the jersey, with ash and smoke going all over the furniture. Once the jersey was fully burnt, Jacinda scooped up the ash and put it in an envelope to be sent to All Blacks coach Steve Hansen.

“Jacinda don’t you think this is a bit extr…” “I don’t give a fuck Clarke, I honestly don’t right now ok. I have Winston on the line asking me to lend him $25,000 after he lost it all on the TAB last night at the Alexandra park dogs”


Jacinda also hasn’t replied to a txt message from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison which said ‘lol shame’.

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