Jerome Kaino buys a Video Ezy franchise

Jerome Kaino has kicked off his life after rugby buy purchasing a Video Ezy franchise.

” I feel like a fucking idiot” Jerome told reporters. “It was all Graham Henry’s fault, he told me it was a great investment and then put me in touch with his people to buy one. It tuns out it was his store and he was trying to offload to me”

‘I haven’t received a hospital pass this big before’ Jerome added.

While he has been stuck with this dud of a business, Jerome has tried to make the most of what he has, stocking shelves with the 1996 and 2003 Super rugby finals which the Blues won. There is also a DVD of Carlos Spencer’s toffee pops ad which plays the ad on loop for 180 minutes.

Other notable titles Jerome has added to the catalogue is raw footage of Andrew Mehrtens on the toilet after being poisoned by Suzie before the 1995 Rugby world cup final as well as a 7 part series of the times Ritchie McCaw cheated in the ruck.

Any interested buyers are encouraged to visit Jerome in person at the Pakuranga Video Ezy branch, he will throw in a selfie and a signed Auckland Pooze jersey.





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