McDonald’s To Start Selling “Jordie McBarrett Combos” After 4am

Black Caps Goal Shooter Jordie Barrett has signed a lucrative deal with fast food restaurant McDonalds. Barrett will become the official spokesperson for the brand for the rest of 2018.

To celebrate the partnership McDonalds will start selling a brand new combo called “The Jordie McBarrett”.

The combo contains

4 Cheeseburgers

1 Large Chips

1 Frozen Coke and Diesel

1 Map and Key to a random persons house nearby.

The combo will also only be available after 4:30am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

When asked about his new combo Barrett said “fuck man, the McBarrett is probably the thing I am most proud of. it will allow good cunts to eat, get more pissed and hopefully get a good sleep in a strangers house.

As a part of the deal Jordie must also change his name to McBarrett and he has to give Ronald McDonald his Instagram password.


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