Blues Sign AB’s v France “Streaker” To 3 Year Contract

The Auckland Pooze have made big waves this morning signing the streaker from Saturday nights All Blacks game to a three year contract.

Kind of coach Tana Umaga told TC “We reckon we have unearthed a gem here. This dude is gonna be an incredible asset for the Blues”

Umaga went on to say that he was impressed with his new signings side step when he managed to sidestep around Brodie Rettalick, as well as his pace when trying to out run security.

“Yeah his pace was blinding aye and he stayed nimble. Also that cuzzie has mental toughness I mean to run in front of 50,000 people with some major shrinkage means you a brave motherfucker with boatloads of mana”

The streaker named Matthew Ballsout has reluctantly signed with the Pooze after releasing his mate was not gonna pay him the $20 he promised if he streaked during an All Blacks game.

Ballsout told TC “Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make ends meet. I managed to negotiate not having to wear a uniform for games though which is dope. I’m gonna be the first ever nude Supah Rugby player”

Ballsouts Eden Park ban of 75 years is still in effect which means he will not be able to play in any Pooze games at the stadium. However the teams recent move to College Rifles number 6 field should not effect anything.

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