French Rugby Team Food Poisoned After Team Dinner At Denny’s

The French rugby team have been shitting and throwing up all over the Pullman hotel overnight after a bad, bad case of food poisoning from
New Zealand’s least favourite restaurant – Denny’s.

The signs were there early in the night when some of the salad’s started to move off the plates and then shortly after one team member spotted the chef petting the mice that had infested the kitchen. But this didn’t stop the French rugby team who thought it was just a culture thing.

A Denny’s representative fronted the media to apologise, but he thought he was apologising for an earlier incident in the restaurant when he accidentally mixed up an order for 13 virgin cocktails for an 8-year old’s birthday party, instead providing them each with Long island iced teas.

The French rugby team will likely wear diapers on Saturday night.


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