Chiefs Rebrand As ‘Queefs’ After Playing “Stink Az” This Season

The not so mighty Waikato Chiefs are the final super rugby team to change their name this season.

The squad will now be known as the Queefs.

Queefs full back Bruce Reihana told Thai Castle “We decided to change the teams name because we have been playing stink az this season. We are not quite as Pooze as the Blues but we are pretty bad”

When asked about the teams new logo Reihana said “I love it aye. The new logo is like a breath of fresh air, or not if you know what I mean LOL! (he actually said lol out loud)”

Brodie Rettalick was also pleased with the name change telling TC “You know a queef is also a fanny fart so this team name is very inclusive of the womens. This is like some real hardcore equality shit! Up the Queefs!

The Queefs have also decided to move all games from Hamiltons Chlamydia Stadium to a Rotorua Pak N Save Car Park. When asked why the move to the Sulphur City Rettalick told TC “Rotorua stinks and so does this team. Pretty poetic aye”

Queefs will play the Pooze later this year in a clash to see who is NZ’s worst team (but fourth best in Super Rugby)

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