Israel Folau Kisses Colin Mathura Jeffree In Family Bar

Non gay rights fan, Israel Folau, has reportedly been spotted sharing kisses with NZ’s hottest home baker Colin Mathura Jeffree after their loss to the chiefs on the weekend

It was reported that the Waratahs were to stay in Hamilton for the weekend but Folau caught an Uber from Waikato stadium to Family bar to relax and unwind. It was there the
love of his life appeared wearing fish netting on his chest and a gay pride flag.

Folau felt things he had never felt before, he called up god from his Iphone and god told him he was already going to hell for being a massive code hopper and general pain in the ass, so go for it. And so Isreal did, and what fun he had.

CMJ took a phone call from Thai castle on Sunday morning, but got the giggles the entire call. “Hehehehehehe he kisses real nice” Was all that our reporter could hear while some sort of
electric machine was making racquet in the background.


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