Aaron Smith Ruins Royal Honeymoon

Silver Ferns opening batsman Aaron Smith is in the news again this morning after singlehandedly ruining the Royal Honeymoon.

Newly weds Meghan Markle and Princeton Harry were enjoying their Royal Honeymoon in their favorite location in the world Porirua over the past few days.

Porirua a town reknowned from rampant P use and underage pregnancy was posed by many as a questionable backdrop for this Royal affair. However the pair have stated multiple times how it is the world’s finest town.

The pair stayed at the local Porirua Inn hotel in a private room with food catered for at Chang’s Bakery were they had the now famous Soggy Potato Top Pie with MSG laced mince three times a day.

Things were going swimmingly for the pair as they spent days at the local Porirua Public Pools. With one swimming sesh cut short after local man took a phantom shit one of the spa pools.

However things went awry on day three of the honeymoon as Markle became distant and transfixed with her phone.

Prince Harry told TC “She just changed. She downloaded this app called ‘Snecky’ and all of a sudden she became fascinated with disabled toilets. I mean it is all she could talk about. She even started making us watch Highlanders 2016 Final highlights over and over. Then she would leave for hours on end”

Things took a turn for the worst when Harry find out that Meghan had matched with Aaron Smith on Smith’s new app “Snecky”. Markle would leave multiple times a day to meet Smith at a disabled toilet in the infamous Porirua Country Club.

When approached about her behaviour Markle told Harry “I can’t help it. I just want to be snecky. Like all the time. Sneckytoiletactions are my life now. Either you accept this or we cannot be together.”

Harry has reluctantly accepted.

Aaron Smith told TC “Yeah geee. I’m no longer just snecky I’m Royal snecky”

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