Highlanders Rebrand As “High-Landers”, Legalize Weed At Forsyth Barr

In response to news that their bitter rivals the Crusaders have renamed themselves the “Brewsaders” this morning the Highlanders have decided to one up them rebranding themselves as the “High-Landers”

The team unveiled their new logo this morning which depicts their new mascot Harold The High-Lander smoking a bong.

Highlanders captain Taine Randall is delighted and told Thai Castle “It’s create to see the whole team really standing together around this great cause. They have shown a lot of mana and strength in this rebuild”

High-Landers coach Tony Brown addressed the media also saying “The boys love that mary jane aye. So this is a huge day for our community and I personally look forward to turning the coaches hot box into a “hot box” each week.”

Like their South New Zealand counterparts in Christchurch the High-Landers have also taken great strides to rebranding the stadium experience for their fans. With joints being distributed at the gates and High-Lander branded buckees sold at the stadium.

However the biggest intiative will be hotboxing the entire stadium each week. Aaron Smith led this idea and told Thai Castle “We play indoors in a big box, so if we get all the fans to smoke weeds in the stands it will turn the stadium into a giant hotbox! This will be a huge advantage to us each week. Now excuse me I have a match on “Snecky” – do you know where the disabled toilet is?”

Students and locals of Dunedin are wrapped with the rebrand saying that it upholds the values of the city and community.

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