Crusaders To Change Name To “Brewsaders”

South New Zealand’s most successful Supah Rugby Franchise the Crusaders have decided to rebrand themselves as the “Brewsaders”.

The decision had been in the works for a while and was finally voted on by the squad early this morning. Brewsaders coach addressed Thai Castle today saying “Yeah mate it was a easy decision. The whole squad loves sinking copious amounts of piss at training, during halftime and even on out on the field so we thought The Brewsaders was a better representation of our team and the our fanbase”

The reception to the new team name has been electric in Christchurch with a local Irish Tradie telling Thai Castle “Brewsaders that’s fooking brilliant! I’m gonna go to the games now”

The new team name has also seen the Brewsaders look to transform the game day experience for its fans with funnels provided to all who attend and games of beer pong and stacky cup to be assembled all around the stadium.

In a bid for equality no drinking age will be administered at the stadium so teens and children can also have a few Brews themselves.

The team name will play their first game as the “Brewsaders” this week when they play the Auckland Pooze at Eden Gardens.

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