Graham Henry Reveals His Favorite Ways To Make Cheikas Life A Living Hell

Hello gentleman

Graham Henry here. I’ve had a great career and lived a fucking great life. The guys at Thai Castle wanted me to talk to you guys about my loosest moments of my career!

  1. Leave a flaming bag of dog shit on Michael Cheikas door step (3 times)

I can’t stand this bloke and is penis like hair style. So what me and the the boiz have done the last three years is set his house on fire. We started this tradition after the Bledisloe Cup when he had a moan about the refs. Mate it’s not the refs it’s your team. They’re shit face it. Anyways back to the loose as stunt. Done it the last three years and he falls for it everytime. Always trying to put the fire out barefoot for some reason.

2. Slept with Cheikas wife

Yeah he didn’t like this one much. But hey she slid in my DM’s sent me the address and we went from there. I can confirm she was very satisfied with my Karma Sutra like skills in the bedroom. I showed her my extensive gameplan.

3. Prank Calls

I often prank call Cheika claiming to be from the All Blacks. I always call back and say “Hey we think you’ve done a great job and would to offer you a role on our coaching staff” – The door fella always gets so excited saying how excited he is to actually start winning again. When I tell him its a prank it gets a bit sad though the dude starts begging and shit.

Any ways gentlemen there you have it. These are three of my favorite ways to make Cheikas life a living hell. If you have any suggestions. Let us know via the comments below.

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