Justin Marshall Named As Blues Head Coach

After losing there recent loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars the Blues have made some major changes landing former All Black and legendary energy drink tycoon Justin Marshall to be the teams new head coach.

Former head coach Tana Umaga has stepped down from the role and will be placed in the starting line up ahead of this weeks game. When asked by Thai Castle how he felt Tana said “Bruh we need the Boomfa, so we need Justin.”

Justin Marshall arrived at this press conference an hour late this morning. He was bleeding from his forehead, had no shirt on and was limping. He stood up on the podium and said “I’m going to put the BOOMFA back in Blues! Oh me oh my you are gonna enjoy this yes boy!”

Marshall has already made big moves sacking the entire team and replacing them with the underdefeated 2002 Crusaders Super 12 team. With Caleb Ralph being named as captain. Marshall is also looking to acquire Suzie Cato, Lorde and Graham Henry to sure up the forward pack.

In his contract as well it was stipulated that BOOMFA was to be the Blues official sponsor and that Sonny-Bill was not allowed to tape over the logo.

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