Planet 8 Announced As new All Blacks Kit Sponsor For 2018

The All Blacks have announced their new 2018 kit sponsor, awarding Planet 8 the contract after the team pleaded and begged with officials to consider the change

Planet 8 clothing has come and gone out of fashion for a few years now, but after huge investment for an unknown billionaire the brand is back in the mainstream after being previously known for being worn by ungrateful 7-10 year olds in the late 90s early 00s.

All Blacks captain Karen Reid told Thai Castle he was excited after being a staunch Planet 8 wearer as a kid.

However other players do not share the same sentiments with Brodie Rettalick saying “The jerseys are pretty shit house to be honest. All the logos are laser printed on and they seem to be made of wetsuit material.”

Planet 8 officials have confirmed that they have teamed up with shitty wetsuit maunfacturer Body Glove to create the new jerseys. In a public statement they said “We thought that creating a jersey that is just a wetsuit with an All Blacks log on it will help with wet weather conditions. And the zip on the back of the jerseys in pure fashion”

To go along with there new wetsuit like jerseys Planet 8 has also annoucned all the team shorts will be three quarter length to play homage to the awful three quarter length cargo pants they convinced NZ mothers to force there kids to where about a decade back.

When asked if that will affect performance the Planet 8 officials said “Performance? Fuck that. It is all about making the All Blacks look pure fashion out there. Fashion forever. Fashion for life! Boomfa”

Rieko Ioane told Thai Castle “We’re really excited to run out on Eden Park with our three quarter pants” before getting a notification on his new Snecky app.

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