Brodie Rettalick: Top 3 Ways To Pull Heaps of Women This Winter

Sup gee!

It is Brodie Rettalick here aka the Rugby Einstein aka The bucktooth wonder aka your mums and girlfriends favorite flanker.

A lot of the boys and the fans have been asking me how I pull mad ladies week in and week out. They want to live that Brodie lifestyle that includes rugby, womens and eating Weetbix morning, lunch and dinner. I can do 30 weetbix per sitting!

Anyway if you are sad and lonely and have never touched a women these three tips will turn your life around and make you a stud. You will be so stud you will need a fly swatter as the girls will be all over you man!

Tip #1: Become an All Black

This was easily the best thing I did to pull mad women! All you need to do is become an All Black. These days all I do is walk around in my All Blacks jersey,shorts and sock and boots. Everywhere I go. When people talk to me I tell them “I’m an All Black”. My recommended pickup line is what up to a womens and say “Hey toots I’m an All Black. If you’re lucky I will let you fuck me”. Works a charm everytime.

Tip #2: Lynx Africa

You got to smell good for the womens my dude! Lucky for you Lynx Africa will have you smelling fresh. I like to spray it all over. Particularly in my mouth and genitals. It works wonders. This in combination with being an All Black is killah! Before Lynx Africa I used to rub gravel on my body. If you are on a budget this is an option as well.

Tip #3: $1 Dollar Frozen Coke

Now once you talk and have sex you will need to take here to some sweet date spots to treat her like the queen that she is. The best spot hands down is McDonalds $1 Frozen Coke. The best part is you don’t even need to go to the restaurant anymore. Just take your lady drive through the drive through order the $1 Fro Co and then you can drop here off on the way to training. Date night complete my g!

So there you have it. My three tips on how to pull heaps of women this winter! You guys are great!

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