Aaron Smith Launches New Dating Called “Snecky”

Silver Ferns halfback Aaron Smith has just launched his new dating app called “Snecky”

The launch took place in the Christchurch Airports Disabled Toilets this morning were Smith delivered a heartfelt speech in front of his family,friends,investors and soon to be Baby Mama Jacinda Ardern.

Smith told Thai Castle “I love rugby and that shit but I love being “Snecky” way more. Which is why I wanted to share “Snecky” wif tha world. Now with my new app everyone can be a snecky. There is heaps of modes in the app but my favorite is “Snecky Toilet Actions Mode”

The app is similar to Tinder with it matching to potential daters however they main difference is it matches these daters with the nearest disabled toilet where they can have sex as well.

Smith has been prototyping the app for over a year and it was how he ended up meeting NZ Prime Minister Jacidna Ardern. Smith told Thai Castle that he opened the app when in Wellington and matched with Jacinda and BeeHive Disabled toilets. The rest was history with their new born baby
SneckyToiletActions Ardern-Smith expected in the coming months.

When asked what happens if people are caught being a little too snecky with this app he responded “Bro if you are too snecky and like you reckon it could ruin your reputation we have a new aftadavid function that will print off and aftadavid for the person you matched with too sign before you do the dirty in the toilet. That way you don’t have to worry about a media scandal.”

The app has got off to a flyer with over 100 k users across the nation signing up. Smith’s Baby Mama Ardern has even passed a Bill this morning which will see over 20,000 additional disabled toilets to be constructed around the country for the increased demand.

Ardern told Thai Castle “Our nation needs more disabled toilets. It is as simple as that. We don’t want people to have to wait in lines across the country to use these toilets especially after they match on “Snecky”. We need it to be as seamless as possible. Kia Kaha!”

Smith finished the launch with a live demonstration and shouting “Stay Snecky. Snecky forever. Aftadavid For Life”

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