Dan Carter Launches New Taxi Company

Former Black cap Dan Carter is making the most of his life after rugby and has started his own Taxi company called “Ride On Dan Taxi’s”

The company will go up against other ride sharing start ups like Uber, Scuba & Tuba.

Carter told Thai Castle “Mate those companies are big but to be honest Ride On Dan Taxi’s know the NZ people and what they want. Each time a passenger gets in our cabs they will be offered either a Boomfa energy drink or a Double Brown. If they can down three before the end of their ride then its free!”

Carter also discussed wanting to make sure his company promotes equality particularly for its drivers. He went on to explain “The passengers are going to have a great time but we also believe in equality for the drivers too. Which is why they will drink with you. If they down more Double Brown or Boomfa than you in your ride then you have to pay double”

Carter believes that turning the taxi experience into a drinking game will boost revenue and set him apart from other companies.

When asked where he came up with the idea Carter said “The idea came to me in France. I was driving under the influence of cocaine, Boomfa and 12 Do Bros and then it hit Ride On Dan Taxis. I am a fucking genius”

Carter has even offered a luxury package that will see passengers offered cocaine instead of alcohol. He has already locked in Ali Williams as a driver.

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