Andrew Hore Murders Seal

Former All Blacks center Andrew Hore is in deep trouble after killing get another seal. However this time round the Seal he has killed is the acclaimed kiwi singer who goes by that name.

Seal was on holiday out in Greymouth to visit his family and attend his 30 year reunion at Greymouth High School were he was head boy in 1988.

The incident happened in the early morning when Seal decided to go for a hike by the water. Andrew Hore frequents the area due to the high seal population.

When asked by Thai Castle what happened Hore said “I saw the bloke by the water we talked a bit and I asked his name. He said Seal. I got flashbacks and could feel myself reaching for my club. Next thing I know I am wake up in an Uber driven by Dan Carter. He offers me a beer to which I accept. He says we are off to see Ali Williams to get some “powder-ade”. We had a great time until I got arrested.”

Police will be investigating the incident further with Andrew Hore to attend court sometime soon.

Seal leaves an incredible legacy behind and was voted as Greymouths Person of the Century. His most famous song “Six Months in a leaky boat” will be played on loop in all restaurants,cafes,brothels and schools in Greymouth for the next 12 months in his honor.

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