Max Key Shows Obama His Penis

Barack Obama’s trip to New Zealand has started with an awkward urinal exchange.

In the luxurious Kauri Cliffs bathrooms, Max Key (DJ and Instagram model) and Obama (former leader of the Free World) found themselves side by side in the urinal.

The silence was awkward, and proved too awkward for Max. While panicked for a witty comment, Max blurted out an ice breaker to one of the most powerful men in the world; “Do you think I have a good sized penis, Mr Obama?” Obama turned to Max with that look on his face as if someone like Donald Trump had become President. Then looked at his own penis, looked back at Max Key’s penis and smirked. ” Looks about the same as your Dad’s” Barrack replied.

Max accidentally pissed on Obama’s Footjoys, and the awkwardness continued for the rest of the round.

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