BREAKING: Aaron Smith Confirmed As The Father Of Jacinda Ardern’s Unborn Child

News has surfaced late last night that All Blacks halfback Aaron Smith is going to be the father of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s baby.

The couple met in the Bee Hives disabled toilets where Smith is said to frequent when in Wellington.

Ardern told the media late last night that she was tired of being “Snecky” and wanted to be honest to the New Zealand people.

Aaron Smith himself made a statement saying “Jacinda is all good aye. We had great times especially on her campaign. So many good disabled toilets in Aotearoa. Real eye opening how amazing our country is. She a great lady. Real political you know. Way different from all the basic bitches I usually meet. I told Jacinda that our childs name is going to be “Sneckytoiletaction”. She loves that name.”

When asked what her partner Clark Gable thought about the prospect of fathering a child called Sneckytoiletaction, Jacinda said that “he understood and remains a big fan of Aaron Smith”


  1. Haha can’t spell sneaky and beehive as 2 separate words.Best to delete this post before your little asses are sued for FAKE NEWS.GOOD TRY! We’re not that gullible idiots!!


    1. Fake news? It’s a joke. I think it went right over your head for you to take it so seriously… “We’re not that gullible idiots!!”.

      I think you are.


  2. Bullshit Jacinda Adern has a better partner in Clarke she love her partner Fake News Alright waste of time people got better things then to read these bullshit stop trying to ruin others with fake news man.


  3. 😂Dis is totally crazy 😂better delete dis 😂or u will get a better reward in the end 😂wat a waste of time 😂✋


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