Shaun Johnson burns own Warriors jersey

Warriors fans have reason to be disappointed in their team over the weekend, but one player has said ‘enough is enough’ and has burnt their own jersey.

Shaun Johnson returned home on Friday night, jumped into the shower, took a dump, got out of the shower and then picked up the evenings kit he had worn. Shaun went to place his shirt in the laundry but couldn’t resist the temptation of the open fireplace in his lounge.

“ I just couldn’t stop looking into the flames, I went into a deep trance, in the flames I saw faces, faces of past coaches I had been under, Mat Elliot, Brain McClean, Andrew McFadden, all telling me to burn the jersey, burn, burn”

Johnson told Thai Castle Johnson then placed the jersey onto the roaring fire, as the flames sett eh jersey alight Johnson couldn’t help himself but to post a video to the ‘Veitchy on Sport’ fan page of the jersey burning and his disgust of the lack of ‘fight’ and mana’ from the boys that evening. He made sure everyone knew how long he had been a fan of the club and that this was the straw that broke the camels back, forgetting the previous 6 seasons of failure.

Shaun’s partner has now installed a kiddie lock fence around the fire

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