Tony Brown Reveals His 3 Favorite Ways To Take A Pinga

Hey guys,

It’s Highlanders coach Tony Brown here that’s right Mr Goldlocks himself. A lot of you guys may not know this but I sure love my pingas. Which is why I’m gonna get fucking educational and gonna walk you through my three favorite ways to take a pinga. Get your notepads out cunts this is gonna be a fun ride

1. In your eye

Old Malakai taught me this one while we were drinking kava at a local knife fight. He was like Mr.Tony you wanna ‘ecky in you eye’. As usual I was like ‘what the fuck are you saying Malakai’ next thing you know he shoved this fat pingah right in my right eye. Swear that shit went behind the socket. Next thing I know Malakai looks at me and just says “Maloleilei Mr.Tony” I was fucking pinging.


2. Shelve it

This is a great way to do it. Science suggests if you shelve E it goes into your blood faster and is more intense. I would definately agree. If ever I am not sure what to do for training I will run to the Forsyth Barr Stadium disabled toilers and get shelving.


3. Danger Ping

For some reason the media isn’t to fond of my pinging habit and look down upon it. Had reporters say “What are you doing Tony you’re a role model”. So that got me thinking and made be create the danger ping. Now during every single interview I will make sure to do a cheeky line. Go back and watch the tapes it happens everytime. I keep a bag in my cheese cutter. It ruffles in my hair throughout the day and then during interviews I scratch my hair and wipe my nose. Danger ping complete motherfuckers.


There you go guys this is how Tony “El Pingah Magnifeco” Brown likes to get down! Go the landers!

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