Sonny-Bill reveals the real reason he got red carded

Sonny Bill decided to pull his red card in the game between the All Blacks and the British and Irish Lions on Saturday night in Wellington to celebrate the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Unfortunately, Sonny had mixed up his red cards and was sent from the field in the first half and caused the All Blacks to play a man down. Whilst being sent from the field, Sonny went into his kit bag and googled ‘red card’ after not feeling the euphoria that was originally described to him.

It was at that precise moment he realised that he had made a massive mistake and the red card he believed he could celebrate with his team for completing Ramadan was in fact not the right kind of red card.

“It’s a classic stich up” Sonny tells Thai Castle, “The boys have been having me on all Ramadan about not being able to drink or eat, some of the Otago lads are always talking about red cards this, red cards that and how great they are. So I decided to ‘pull my red card’ but yeah, bit of a balls up really”

After the game, coach Steve Hansen went into the locker and pulled Sonny’s pants down and spanked his bare ass 14 times to reflect the amount of the pain the other 14 players had felt during the game. “You’ve been a bad boy Sonny, a very naughty boy” Steve was overheard saying. “Is it my turn?” asked Beaudan Barrett “Yours will be in the hotel later” Steve replied.

None of the All Blacks management was available for comment.

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