John Key offers Parnell family pool for 2020 America’s Cup

Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has offered his Parnell mansion as an alternative venue for the 2020 Americas cup in Auckland.

John has been looking for things to do since leaving politics, while being rejected by son Max to be part of his video blogging he spiralled into a deep depression. Fortunately, while watching the America’s cup, a brilliant idea came to mind. “At the end of the day, New Zealanders and particularly Aucklanders have seen racing from the Viaduct so many times throughout the years, why not mix it up and hold it in the place where all the boaties live.

My house is such a great place to hold events, I held a fundraiser for cancer here a few weeks ago and everyone had to shave off their hair, such a good cause and I got to keep the ponytails for myself, hehe” Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff told Thai Castle “Look it’s definitely an option, nothing is set in concrete thus far and it would make sense to hold the event in someone’s multimillion dollar facility seeing as only millionaires can ever really get involved”

There has been some recent controversy as of late in John Key’s pool. After a midnight swim a few weeks ago celebrating the All Blacks win someone did a poo and the pool had to be sanitised twice over during the week “That was Bronough” Stated Key, while sweating profusely.

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