Hamilton set to bring back the year 2004 at the Rugby Sevens

Hamilton set to bring back the year 2004 at the Rugby Sevens “We have been trying to get an event like the Sevens in Hamilton for a number of years now” the Hamilton Mayor told Thai Castle, “we are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen to host this amazeballs event”.

Hamilton pitched to take the Sevens off Wellington back in 2004, but were unsuccessful due to being an “uninviting hole”. “Back then we were the city of the future. After today, the future is now” “Our line up includes a performance by Ben Lummus and Michael Murphy at the start of the competition, and Lisa Lewis will be streaking across the pitch, but we won’t reveal which game. It’s all very exciting” Thai Castle understands that Ben Lummus has managed to get the weekend off work at Sky City Casino. “It’s going to be wicked awesome” Lummus told Thai Castle.

Hamilton still have stock piles of Sparkles, TangyFruits, and Snifters ready from the last time they had fun. Speculation that DECA might reopen for the weekend could not be confirmed although the Mayor commented, “now wouldn’t that be something”. There is a lot of work to be done between now and next February, including an ADSL broadband roll out across the major suburbs.


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