15 Chiefs Players Missing – After Search For Fijian Strip Club Goes Wrong.

Things have just got stranger in the lead up tonights Super Rugby game in Suva with half the members of the Chiefs squad disappearing in an attempt to find a mysterious Fijian strip club called Rupeni’s Girls Club XXX.

The quest started after the Chiefs normal Friday practice of going to Firecats was hampered by being in Fiji. The team scoured Suva’s Red Light District and were displeased with the two strip clubs they found ‘Bula Boys’ and ‘Fiji Bitter Pole Dancing Emporium’

Liam Messam told Thai Castle “The strip clubs in Suva were average, did not rate the ambiance at all and when Sitiveni Sivivatu and Marika Vunibaka came on stage to perform I was like get me out of here”

The team were saddened and walked the streets with their heads down when a local villager approached and said “Bula boys you wanna find the real Fiji Strippah? Go to Rupeni’s Strippah Klub XXX it is the best strip club in the world but you have to go into the Jungle to find it. But there is the real strippah”

The local villager who happens to be Joe Rokocoko’s twin brother Beau handed them a map and told Thai Castle the team sprinted into the jungle chanting “chahooo Rupeni’s Strippah Club, Rupeni’s Strippah Club!”.

Chiefs management and coaching staff could not comment on the matter as they themselves went in search of the mythical strip club as well..

With the Crusaders unlikely to play due to getting on it too hard at Marika Vunibaka’s 50th it seems unlikely that tonights Super Rugby match will take place at all.

Fiji Rugby President Beau Rokocoko told Thai Castle if the teams do not arrive then the weekly Fiji Bitter Grand Prix will take place followed by the girls from Bula Boys having a pillow fight on half way.

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