All Blacks get a BYE for all Pool Play, Quarter and Semi-finals at 2019 RWC

After last night’s draw in Japan, the All Blacks have received a BYE all the way to the 2019 Rugby World Cup final. They will fly into Japan for a total of four days during the tournament, and have booked one extra seat coming home to make room for the trophy.

Coach Steve Hansen spoke to Thai Castle after the draw was made, “We lobbied for changes after the last two World Cups were so fucking easy until the final. It’s a waste of our time to fly all the way over to just smash other teams week in week out. The boys can now stay home and smash their partners and side chicks instead.”

Captain Kieran Read told Thai Castle, “Honestly, we don’t even give a fuck about the tournament anymore. When will they just make a global series with the best players in the world vs The All Blacks. That’s something I’ll sober up for. Until then….”

This is a welcome change to previous Rugby World Cups where players have had to leave the comfort of their homes for weeks on end where they ended up missing out on fantastic New Zealand television shows such as ‘The Bachelor ‘and ‘Survivor New Zealand’. Anton Oliver spoke with Thai Castle recently and quipped that

‘It’s super frustrating being so far away from home for such a long period of time, in 2003 we had this tournament in Australia and I’ll be honest, some of the boys were a bit distracted by Ben Lummis and Michael Murphy battling it out to take NZ Idol. Their heads weren’t in the game and I guess now you know why”


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