Jerome Kaino Upset With New Fade From “Just Cuts”

It was just another Tuesday morning for Jerome Kaino, Clean up the lounge and bring out the rug doctor after another crazy Mad Monday celebration, which has now turned into a weekly tradition among the players.

After this Jerome hops on the bus at Newmarket with his AT Hop card and 75 minutes later arrives on Queens st. However today was going to be different, Jerome could tell. Sonny’s barber shop was closed due to the long weekend and so Jerome walked around aimlessly until he found an inner city ‘Just cuts’. “ I should have known what I was getting myself into, there were children crying and bowls on each individuals head in the swivel chair, I foolishly believed I could just ask for a normal fade with a line but how wrong was I” “

The moment I sat on the chair, I knew I was in trouble. Patricia looked like she was fresh off a WINZ placement and she had to be helped turning on the clippers from the receptionist. She didn’t even ask me what I wanted, just went straight into it and the rest is history.

Now I look like an 11 year old child about to get mercifully bullied at school” Sonny Bill has offered Jerome some tape to cover his hair which he has accepted although he is not looking forward to ripping it off. He has also been offered counselling from Blues management.

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