‘Bogan Barrett’ Is Arrested After Stealing From Max Key

Bogan Barrett is in headlines again this morning after being arrested for stealing and verbally assaulting Max Key.

Key had contacted the Police in early April after 97 out of his 101 crips bandanas had gone missing from his Parnell Mansion. Police were tipped off that the culprit could be the notorious Bogan Barrett (no relation to Beauden) after a note was left in Key’s room saying “It was Bogan Barrett Bitches!”

Bogan Barrett had reportedly tormented Key over the subsequent weeks as he stole the rest of his bandanas, his hair extensions, and five photo albums full of selfies Max Key had collated of himself.

Key told Thai Castle “Over the last two weeks Bogan Barrett has stolen my possessions, mailed my dog to China, and would break into the house and watch Netflix with my mum while eating vanilla ice cream in his stubbies. He is a fucking pest man.”

Bogan Barrett was arrested by Police in the early hours of the morning after being caught peeing in the pool of the Key’s residence. While Max is thankful that Barrett has been arrested, news has surfaced that his mum Bronwyn has bailed out Bogan after “missing their Netflix and Chill sessions together”


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