Dan Carter’s advice to first home buyers: Become All Blacks.

“My parents always taught me the value of saving, and investing. And I guess that just stuck with me” Carter told Thai Castle. 

“Through my early years, I didn’t drink, I didn’t drive, and I certainly didn’t do cocaine. I was focused on saving for a house in Christchurch. Then I discovered rugby, and the Auckland market opened up to me” 

Carter never attended University, choosing instead to launch into a successful international rugby career with the All Blacks. “Everyone I went to school with, was destined for University, but I didn’t want a student loan, I didn’t want that burden.
When I was 21, I applied for a job at the All Blacks instead” Without any help from his parents, Neville and Bev, Carter was just 23 years old when he bought his first home in Auckland, freehold, with two signing bonuses from Adidas and from Jockey.

“Buying freehold allowed me to do it without having my parents guarantee the loan – something most people have to do these days. I trained hard, and the next month I renovated the bedroom wing, and the kitchen and dining the month after”.

Asked if he regretted spending so much money instead of “living his life”, Carter didn’t really answer the question but told us, “It was an expensive purchase for sure, maybe $2m before renovations, the first one anyway, the second one was a bit more but the market had changed, and we needed more garage space” 

Carter, and his wife Honor, now live the high life in France. They don’t know when they’ll move back to New Zealand, or which of their houses they will move into, but one thing is for sure, “we have at least 12 options”. 

Thai Castle asked Dan if he had any advice for aspiring homeowners, and he had this to say: 

“Young Kiwi’s need to harden the f&@k up and become All Blacks”

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