Sonny-Bill Reveals His 4 Favorite Things to Tape Over

SBW has revealed his top four favorite things to tape over. Amazingly his list does not include BNZ or Auckland Blues logos

Shortland Street – SBW always tapes over Shortland Street with F R I E N D S reruns. The only Blues player to still operate a VCR instead of My Sky. Digital recording of TV programmes is against the Muslim faith.

Hamilton – while the pungent smell of Hamilton will eventually seep through the tape, SBW has secured a contract with 3M to have this tape reapplied weekly until the City of the Future is removed from New Zealand’s contract.

BMW – Since SBW’s run in with BMW, he is contractually obliged to conscientiously object to the contract with BMW, and loves to tape over the BMW badge in his X5. However, he conscientiously objects, to conscientiously objecting, to his contractual obligation to put tape over the BMW badge on his car key because “it’s cute and only little”

2015 RWC Gold Medal – SBW’s gold medal which he hangs in his lounge is not his actual medal after giving it away. So he has to tape over it to disguise that it is actually Candice Falzon’s Ironwoman Medal from when she was 16, which he took from her as a prize after their 2007 toilet rendezvous.

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