SANZAAR Drop Nuts – Expands To Super Rugby 64 Teams In 2018

After weeks of deliberation about who to cut from Super Rugby SANZAAR has dropped its nuts. Instead of cutting three teams from Super Rugby they have decided to add 46 new franchises in 2018.


SANZAAR president Jaco MakeMoMoney has told Thai Castle that the decision was relatively easy – “We thought long and hard and didn’t think that cutting teams would solve Super Rugby’s problems, so we were like why don’t we expand further and see if that makes the on-field product stronger.


From a New Zealand stand point four new franchises have been added which include the Marist Under-12s, Liston College 3rd XV, Wellington Phoenix and an All Blacks Over 75 year old squad.


NZ Rugby President Steve Tew said he was delighted to add the four new franchises saying that he thought they would add some real depth to New Zealand Rugby for generations to come.


Wellington Phoenix coach Chris Greenacre told Thai Castle “When we heard the news we were added to Super Rugby we were pretty flattered. It will be hard playing in two professional sports leagues at once but the boys think there soccer skills will come in handy on the rugby field. I mean all they do is kick the ball.”


The 64 team field has been split into 8 groups of 8 teams with each team playing 128 games in a 17 week span. The top first seeds from each group go to the best of 27 final series. With the remaining teams going into a survivor series were the team that loses the most games will tragically lose a limb at the discretion of SANZAAR officials.


The new teams added are:


Marist Under-12s

Liston College 3rd XV

Wellingtoin Phoenix

All Blacks Over 75s

Antarctica Frozen Peas

Dargaville Dental Assistants

Tottenham Hotspur

Bermuda Triangle Titans

Wedge Island Warriors

Compton Stealers

Donald Trump Wall Builders

Norwegian No-Shows

Kolkata Dayriders

The Beatles

Cleveland Cavaliers

London Bridge Free Ballers

French Frogleg Surprise

The Paris Croissants

The Glasgow Facepunches

The Alice Springs Drymouths

Queensland Bogans

Tokyo Toyotas

China Investor Squad

Killa Bees

Canada Chocalate Brownies

Mexican Eses

Zimbabwe Inflation

North Korea Naughty Boys

Pyongang Punishment

Pacific Ocean Oceans

Taj Mahal Revonators

The Brexits

The Barcelonas Ballsacks

The Scunthorpe Scotos

Canterbury Cum Stains

Georgia Goochs

North Pole Pole dancers

Santas Little Helpers

Colombia Narcos

American Idol Winners Selection

Ryan Seacrest Squad

The Carb-dashians

The Andrew Schultz’s

The Kelekefus

The Football Kings

Auckland Blues 2

Auckland Pooze

Dubai Oillers


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