Highlanders To Hotbox Forsyth Barr Stadium For This Weeks Game

The Otago Highlanders have decided to hotbox Forsyth Barr Stadium this weekend when they face the Auckland Blues.

When asked why the team opted to fill their indoor stadium full of Marajuana smoke this week, Highlanders captain, Ash Dixon, said, “we want to give the Blues a chance”. 

Highlanders coach Tony Brown told reporters “We want to give back to our fans. We asked them want they wanted to see at the games this year. They wanted couch burning at half time; we delivered. They wanted the boys to all down a yardie after scoring a try; we did fucking did that too. For us this is our greatest challenge. We want to live up to our name as the “High”-Landers and turn Forsyth Barr into one big bucky!”

Forsyth Barr grounds team have reportedly purchased all of Auckland’s weed supply for the game leaving the city the nations biggest city dry for yet another week. Groundskeeper, Willie Williamson, told Thai Castle, “Yeah those JAFAS don’t even realise the reason they have hardly any weed is cause the Highlanders bought it all”. 

The Blues have been preparing for this week’s clash by hot boxing Sonny-Bill Williams’ Suzuki Swift and learning to mentally battle getting the munchies. 

Jerome Kaino told reporters “not succumbing to the munchies will be the key to winning the match. The boys are ready for this one”
A free joint will be given to everyone who attends this weeks game and ‘High’- Landers branded bongs and vapes.

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