Kieran Foran Bets A Six Pack Of Nuggies On The Warriors This Weekend

After being selected to play against the Dragons this weekend, Foran is confident he has some inside knowledge, and punters are taking note.

“All my bank accounts are tracked with my gambling, and so I’ve had to do some creative accounting. I’m basically washing my money through McD’s”, Foran told Thai Castle.

“The TAB have accepted my bet of six nuggies, and are giving me 2:1 odds. Which is great cause I plan to be pretty fucking hung on Sunday night, and I know 12 nuggies will hit the spot”

The NRL are not happy, suggesting that Foran lost upwards of 6 Big Macs, and a choccie Sunday last weekend after a series of multi-macs didn’t come through for him.

“Who bets on a draw? He’s lost it”

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, the Captain of the team was supportive, telling Thai Castle, “it doesn’t count as gambling if you’re playing, it’s called backing yourself”.

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