Banned Black Caps fan sets up yardie stall outside University Oval to encourage drinking

After yesterday’s multiple ejections from the first cricket test between New Zealand and South Africa, one banned fan has taken a stand against what he calls ‘fuckin’ bullshit rules’.

Hamish Whiteman, an 18 year old first year student at Otago University, has erected a stall selling beer by the yard glass for thirsty punters.

“Yeah mate, she’s been going great today” said Whiteman, who was clearly drunk when he gave an exclusive interview with Thai Castle.

“This’ll teach those cunts for kicking me out.” Whiteman says up to 100 of first and second year compatriots, all male, have done a yard glass before entering University Oval today.

It is understood that Whiteman and some of his fellow patrons were ejected from the ground yesterday for yelling offensive language at the two teams.

“Basically this is about telling NZ Cricket to go get fucked. We should be able to say whatever we like and if someone gets offended, well they can go have a cry in the corner like the little pussies they are.”

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