Sunwolves Sign Real Life Wolf After Embarrassing Loss

Japan’s number 1 Super Rugby franchise, the Sunwolves, have made history today, signing the first non-human Super Rugby player. “Barry”, a wolf from Alaska, will make his debut at first five this weekend against the Kings.

This historic move was made after the Sunwolves embarrassing 83-17 loss to the Hurricanes. Coaching staff knew they had to do something drastic.

Sunwolves coach, Filo Tiatia, told Thai Castle, “Well last week was hella embarrassing for the whole club. After long talks the coaching staff and I realised that the problem was not us but the players. We needed to do something drastic, something no one has ever tried. Our assistant coach jokingly said if only we could sign an actual ‘Sunwolf’, I thought the idea was genius. So we cancelled all training this week to find a wolf to be our new first five-eight. We are so happy to have found Barry in such a short period of time”

The coaching staff worked hard to find Barry approaching multiple zoos around Japan and even going into the wild but it was a LinkedIn advertisement that got the young wolf’s attention.

Tiatia mentioned “Who would have thought wolves used LinkedIn. Was amazing to get a private message from Barry yesterday saying he was interested in playing.

Barry the wolf was very quiet in his initial press conference but did howl repeatedly when shown photos of female wolves, rabbits, and Brodie Rettalick.

The rest of the league is outraged over the news, saying it is not fair. South African team the Bulls were vetoed by SANZAAR when they tried to sign a Bull midweek, although the Waratahs have been given the green light to sign a Waratah flower if they want.

SANZAAR responded to the unfairness allegations saying “No other team a part from the Sunwolves are allowed to sign non-human players. The reason is because Japan gives us a lot of money every year and it is in our best interests that they keep giving us cash money.”

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