Ali Williams Learns Boomfa Means Cocaine, In French

Former All Black Ali Williams was arrested overnight in Paris, after allegedly attempting to buy cocaine from a French police officer.
However, Williams claims it’s all a big misunderstanding saying he was trying to purchase Justin Marshall’s new energy drink Boomfa.
In an exclusive interview with Thai Castle, Williams stated: “I heard about DC and Richie get fucked up on this stuff so I wanted to try it out for myself. There were no bloody shops selling it, so I started asking some guys in the back alleys of Paris.”
According to Williams, that’s where things went wrong.
“This guys started giving me bags of coke, which was all good coz I love getting on the rails. But it was not what I was after, honestly.”
After procuring several grams of cocaine by accident, Williams finally made the mistake of asking a police officer for Boomfa.
“Turns out he was a cop, which I should’ve known because he was in uniform. He stripped searched me and found all my blow. Apparently he was the same guy he arrested Dan Carter last week, so we had a good laugh about that.”
Meanwhile, Boomfa founder Justin Marshall was quoted as saying that cocaine is an active ingredient in the drink, so Williams probably would’ve got in trouble anyway.

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