Chiefs Name Their Top 6 Strip Clubs Around New Zealand

To conclude our Thai Castle season preview series we talk to the Chiefs. The squad was kind enough to describe their 5 favorite strip clubs in Aotearoa.

  1. Fire Cats Hamilton
    With exclusive access to the now closed Fire Cats premises, the whole team agree that this is their number one strip club. Not many people know this, but Aaron Cruden was actually conceived in a small apartment above Fire Cats.
  2. Chlamydia Palace  (Greymouth) – Liam Messam has described ‘Chlamydia Palace’ as a West Coast treasure. The Palace was the spot the Chiefs went to celebrate their first Super Rugby title in 2012. However controversy ensued that night as the owner sneakily stole the Super rugby trophy. The missing trophy was found two weeks later on Trademe listed at $1.
  3. Okoroire Hot PoolsNot technically a strip club, this is one of the boy’s favourite spots. Drinking for an afternoon in hot-pools really lets the alcohol go to your head, and the blood rush…downstairs.
    Okoroire Hot Pools boasts the option of private entertainment for functions. For an extra fee, of arguably $50, there is unlimited piles of gravel lying around just ready to be thrown when the entertainment all gets too exciting.

    4. Stilettos Revue Bar Otago
    The filthiest joint on the list, Stilettos is a fine institution in Dunedin, and is certainly Brodie Retallick’s favourite spot.
    “Not many people know this, but I spent my younger years learning chess in Stilettos. While all the girls were dancing around me, I became fixated on the game”, Retallick told Thai Castle.

    5. Family Affair Strip Club – Invercargill
    Unfortunately run out of business during the “If you’re related to the stripper, your lap dance is free” promotion in 2007, Stephen Donald is the only one in the squad to be old enough to remember his times here.
    “I paid for most of my lapdances”, he assured Thai Castle.

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