Wellington Phoenix Win Big At Halberg Awards

Last night Auckland played host yet again to the Halberg Awards and in a surprise turn of events the Wellington Phoenix walked away as the big winners on the night. It was a lucky break with their nomination being picked out of the hat three times in a row.

Many of the 1,200 strong crowd, made up of athletes who still barely recognise football as a sport in New Zealand, sat stunned while the Wellington team took home awards such as Sportsman of the Year (Andrew Durante), Team of the Year (Wellington Phoenix 15/16) and New Zealand’s Favourite Sporting Moment of the Year (Glen Moss Penalty save Rd 21 v Newcastle).

Coach Ernie Merrick told Thai Castle, “I’m delighted for the lads, they have worked hard all season and this is thoroughly deserved. Any further questions can be directed to our new Press Manager, Sean Spicer, who is new on board and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge”

Ritchie McCaw talked to Thai Castle in the urinal and told us:

“I thought they won the sportsmanship award or something. Frankly, I’m shocked at the result and I certainly won’t be appearing here next year, nor will I be donated to the Halberg charity ever again. Suck it Murray. By the way this conversation is off the record”

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