Patrick Tuipolotu was “just kidding” with his first blood sample 

Tuipolutu reckons he has pulled off one of the best pranks in New Zealand rugby history, by testing positive in a blood sample in November last year for a banned substance.

It has been revealed yesterday that his second sample was clean, and he is free to return to the All Blacks.

New Zealand Rugby Players’ Association boss Rob Nichol said there was no explanation why Tuipulotu’s first sample had tested positive.

“He got us, he got us real good” Nichol said during a press conference.

While the motivation is not clear to Thai Castle, or indeed anyone else, Tuipolotu is chuffed.

Tuipolotu told Thai Castle he was “stoked to have had such a long holiday” and he will be “laughing all the way to the bank on this one”.

“When I was younger, my teachers always said I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t smart enough, or confident enough, to prank the NZRPA. Well, look at me now Mrs. Ross, look at me now” gloated Tuipolotu, unaware himself what he’s actually achieved.

The next All Blacks match is on 24 June. Asked if Tuipolotu would be up for selection, Hansen did not smile.

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