Ruben Wiki loses Zimmer frame at Eden park after NRL nines.

As if the Auckland NRL Nines couldn’t get any worse for the Warriors and Ruben Wiki, it was revealed this morning that Ruben Wiki misplaced his Zimmer frame somewhere in the Eden park venue and still can’t remember where he left it.

Ruben concedes his “memory isn’t what it used to be” and that his “time is almost up”. Wiki is appealing to Eden park Management and fans to check that they haven’t got his one lying around somewhere.

“Back in my day we used to treat people’s property with respect. Whichever gutless young thug has my Zimmer frame I want them to come forward immediately and return it to me. I’ve walked around a field for 18 minutes, three times over the weekend and I don’t have the fitness to do much more without my frame “

After speaking with the squad over the weekend, Thai Castle found that many of the younger players were less than complementary. There may have been a rift between Wiki and other players.

We managed to speak with Tuilomola Lolohea after their third loss against the Dragons

“Yeah it was actually fucking annoying having this guy in our team. He thought he was playing for the Raiders half the time and while us boys were putting in our mouthguards he was putting in his dentures!”, Lolohea told our reporter.

“Like cash me outside man, how bow dah? I don’t want to see that shit in the changing room. Then just as we were boarding the team bus after the tournament he gets up and announces he forgot his Zimmer frame and made us sit around and wait for 40mins while he went back into the stadium to find it for fucks sake”

Thai Castle went to Sir Edmund Hillary retirement home Sunday night for comment, but visiting hours ended at 6pm.

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