Ross Taylor reveals his lucky charm on the pitch

Taylor has revealed his lucky charm is Kane Williamson’s box.

Ross Taylor scored an outstanding 107 runs off 101 balls today to help carry the Black Caps to victory in the 2017 Chappell Hadlee competition.

But apparently, it comes down to the age old tradition of “box swapping” between batsmen on the cricket pitch. Batsmen who have a history of great partnerships often end up box swapping, when the other is not on the pitch, as a form of a lucky charm.

“I think it was back in Perth in 2015, after Kane and I became the first away pair to both make centuries” Taylor explained to Thai Castle.

“The very next game, we weren’t on the pitch together, Kane had just been bowled, and I asked if Kane if he wouldn’t mind me popping his box straight in while it was still warm. A part of him was out there with me, and the rest is history”

Williamson, the Captain of the Black Caps, is arguably comfortable with the transaction.

“It’s only gay if you receive, right? So don’t look at me”, Williamson told Thai Castle.

In fact, it is interesting to note that the first recorded box swap, was between two Australian brothers, Greg and Trevor Chappell. Infamous for their concoction of the underarm bowling incident of 1981.

Trevor, a bowler, needed his brother’s good luck whenever he ended up at the crease.

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  1. Yeah well very surprised with this confession but I can confirm the honesty and reliability of these quotes as ross taylor has tries a box swap with me back in the days of junior cricket. Ever since we opened and batted out a whole innings he was constantly trying to get his balls in my box and steady the ship being such a complying bloke would be all amongst te box swap to better the team.


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