Kiwis excited to jump on NFL Super Bowl bandwagon today

One of the biggest sports events in the world, with no relevance to New Zealand whatsoever, is set to take the hearts and minds of the twenty somethings across New Zealand today.

With kick off at 1pm in New Zealand, bars around the country are preparing for the annual bandwagon jumping that is NFL Super Bowl Monday in New Zealand.

Manager at Johnny Barrs, who went to America once, is pumped for the day ahead.

“We’ve been in the kitchen since 6am, making unpleasantly spicy buffalo wings, and chilling Budweiser. We’ll have the game going on multiple screens, although we expect most people won’t be watching it, and just getting really drunk”

Liquor shops are also expecting a surge of Budweiser sales before lunchtime. A number of Facebook events indicate heavy drinking around the country in private homes. Houses in the St Lukes area, known for its low rent shitty flats, are covered in team colours of the Patriots and the Falcons.

“We will be drinking Cruisers from red cups, omg lol” commented Tanya on the biggest Facebook event in St Lukes.

“I have actually been following the Parrots since I was a kid, and I’m so pleased they are back in the finals after their loss in 2012. They really deserve it”, a 25 year old douchebag told Thai Castle.

It’s also Waitangi Day.


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