Roger Federer turns around fifth set after drinking can of Boomfa

The Australian Open Champion for 2017, Roger Federer, has credited BOOMFA for his win last night in Melbourne.

Down 3-1 in the fifth set, Federer was staring down the barrel of a loss to Rafael Nadal. He took a medical time out and left the court.

While most time outs off court relate to groin injuries, and require massaging which would breach television standards, this one was far more exciting.

“I left the court to have my can of Boomfa because the transformation when you drink it can be violent and I didn’t want to upset anyone”, Federer spoke with Thai Castle.

“I’ve been drinking Boomfa for 6 months now and this is definitely going to be key for my  2017 comeback”

“I have only used Boomfa for improving sexual powers, so this is definitely going to be part of the French Open plan”, Nadal told Thai Castle, gracious in defeat.

While Nadal was upset about his loss to such an old man, he was relieved it was not against Rod Laver who was on stage last night looking deathly pale. Cryogenically frozen 11 months of the year, Laver enjoyed his January and will now be put back in frozen storage till the 2018 Open.

Before going to print, Thai Castle reached out to Justin Marshall for comment, “Boomfa, boomfa, boomfa bitches!”

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