Colin Meads to play for the Sydney Roosters at the NRL Nines

Hot on the heels of Ruben Wiki’s midlife crisis, Colin Meads has announced he too will be taking the field for the DICK SMITH DOWNER NRL Nines.

With ticket sales concurrent with the Wellington Sevens, organisers are said to do “whatever it takes” to sell tickets and when Colin Meads approached them they just simply could not turn him down.

“We are now just weeks out from the tournament and push is coming to shove, we need to sell as many tickets as we can so DUCO doesn’t bring Joesph Parker back into the office to knock-out the worst performing staff members. Barry from Accounts and Susie from Marketing have only just recovered after 10 months off work and we really can’t afford for that to happen again”.

Colin spoke to Thai Castle through seven 10 second snapchats off his handle meadsyboy11 and told Thai Castle – “I know I don’t have too much time left but when I made my bucket list two years ago I told my family there were nine things to tick off. They misunderstood me and thought I said Nines.

Anyway since my hearing is giving way I just agreed and nodded patiently. Next thing I know I’ve got a training with the Roosters and a contract to sign. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason, I’ve been reading The Secret recently so let’s run with it and see what happens”.

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