Bangladesh To Remove Blindfolds For First Test v New Zealand

After being absolutely smoked, drubbed and pounded by the Blackcaps in the ODI series and the 20/20’s over summer, Bangladesh have “had enough” and will remove their blindfolds before the first test on Thursday 12 January.

The Bangladeshi team decided to adopt the use of Blindfolds after seeing the success of the national blind cricket team over 2016. However this tactic has backfired considerably. Considering no player has actually been able to see this whole series has led to some lopsided games but that could all change in the test series.

The captain had this to say to Thai castle:

“They say to spend time around people who are where you want to be. Hence the decision to follow the national blind team. But sadly our results actually got worse when we adopted this method so we will look around for more inspiration in 2017.

Oscar Pistrouis used to win, maybe we will all chop off our legs, who knows?’

A fellow player told Thai Castle, “I cant believe we were wearing blindfolds for 3 weeks of this trip, the country is so beautiful I feel like an absolute fool for missing so much of it. Now we are stuck in Wellington all I can see is depressed public servants, and dated hipsters”

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