Beauden Barrett grounded for elbowing Jordie Barrett on the way home from the Rugby Awards last night

Forced to sit in the middle on the way home from the Rugby Awards last night, Beauden reportedly elbowed Jordie in the side while trying to put on his seatbelt. Thai Castle caught up with the family at home late last night.

Scott Barrett, who was sulking as he didn’t win any awards, missed the hit.

“There was suddenly this scream from Jordie as Beaudy had elbowed him. I didn’t see it, but boy did I hear about it. Beaudy was yelling that he didn’t do it on purpose, and Jordie was in tears”

“Dad pulled the Camry over and he told them, if they didn’t shut up, they’d be walking home” Scott told Thai Castle.

“Well I didn’t do it on purpose, and it’s not my fault if he was too far on my side so I couldn’t even put my belt on properly” Beauden explained to Thai Castle, “it’s not my fault Jordie is just a pussy”

“I’m not a pussy I just won two awards you dick”

“Language, Jordan Matthew, that’s a dollar” his father, Kevin, chimed in.

“Boys will be boys, but honestly, they’ve ruined what should have been a really nice night out for me and their father” said Robyn Barrett, their Mum.

All three of the Barrett boys are grounded, and will be putting their VIP RnV tickets on TradeMe this week, so Thai Castle readers get amongst.

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